Ping Pong Ball Pants

This game is an absolute riot once you get it started and you need at least 4 people.

What you need:
17  or more ping-pong balls (you need an odd number)

The object:
This is a team game where teams of two (guy and girl) compete against each other. The object of the game is to get the most ping pong balls into the “basket” as possible. Here’s the catch – the “basket” is the swimsuit (top and bottom) of either you, or your team member, and whoever is retrieving the balls, can ONLY use their mouth. So, for instance, you would hold your suit open just enough for your team member to drop in the ping pong ball they just retrieved with their mouth.

It works best when one team has a guy as the “basket” and a girl retrieving, and the other team has the opposite setup.

The Rules:
1.) No one can touch the ping pong balls with their hands.
1.) The “basket” team member can stretch open their suit to help, but that is all.


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Blindfold Fire Drill

The object of this game is to randomly swap bathing suits with someone and not be last. This game is better with a big group. The more the better, and depending on the crowd, it can get wild!

Here is what you will need:
1.) Blindfolds for everyone.

How it works:
Everyone puts on a blindfold so that no one can see. Then, all at once, everyone takes off their bathing suit and casts it in the middle. Everyone then grabs for another suit AND changes seats at the same time. Once you have a new one on, call “Done” and take off your blindfold. Guys and girls suits are up for grabs for anyone.

The Rules:
1.) You can’t hand your suit to someone else, you have to cast it away.
2.) No “hoarding” or keeping more than one suit.
3.) Guys can’t keep tops.

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Suck and Blow – The Drinking Game

This is a classic game that works very well as a hot tub party game. The object is to keep a playing card from falling into the tub by passing it around the group from mouth to mouth. The “giver” holding it to their mouth by sucking in, and then transferring the card by “blowing” onto the next persons mouth while they create suction to hold it there while moving on to the person next to them.

When the card is dropped, the two people passing the card have to take a drink!

The best kind of playing cards for this game are the plastic kind – find your set here!

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